Motto and school song

Our motto is
Facta non verba
which translated from the latin means
Deeds Not Words

Timour Hall, you are our joy and our pride;
We'll love and revere you whatever betide,
Here in this beautiful part of our land,
Rich in history, proudly you stand.
With love we will serve you, your honour our aim,
With deeds and not words we'll preserve your good name.
Certainly, you can compare with the best,
May our Alma Mater for ever be blest!

Sportsmanship, honour and truth we are taught,
The will to succeed at our work and our sport,
Always a credit we'll be to our school -
Doing our best to obey every rule.
We'll work with a will and with only one aim:
To give of our best and to play the game,
Proving our school to be one of the best,
Timour Hall, may you for ever be blest!