In the early 1900’s land was set aside by the owners at Timour Hall Estate for the establishment of a school.  The first structure was a wood and iron building consisting of two classrooms.  On April 11 1904, the first pupil was enrolled.

By February 1918 the enrolment had increased from 295 in 1916 to 386.  The staff then consisted of three male teachers, inclusive of the Principal and Vice-Principal, and eight female teachers.  In May 1922, the ‘bucket’ sewerage system was installed much to the obvious delight of staff and pupils.

The first principal, Mr McCormick retired at the end of 1935 after 31 years service to the school.  Mr Jack Midgeley assumed duty in January 1937, holding office as principal until 1961, a period of 24 years.  A central library was established during this year and many new books were purchased for £13.

In February 1941, a hard-of-hearing class was established by Mrs Mary Kihn who was to play a major role in this field of education.  All efforts to trace records of the school from 1942 to 1971 have proved in vain.

The W J Botha Hall was opened in June 1972 by Raymond Ackerman (Founder of Pick ‘n Pay Group) whose father was a pupil at this school.

During the late 60’s the enrolment increased and building extensions were again requested.  Sadly much of the gracious architecture was destroyed when they virtually rebuilt the entire school.

In 1973 the Deputy-Principal, Mr Errol Punt was appointed Acting Principal prior to Mr Botha’s retirement.  In March of the same year, prefects were introduced for the first time.

In 1974, Mr Roy Maggs was appointed and the first formally constituted Parent Teacher Association was elected.  After much discussion, application was made to the Department to alter the name of the school from Plumstead Primary to Timour Hall Primary which became effective in January 1977.  Mr Maggs retired at the end of 1996 after nearly 23 years of service to the school.  He was suceeded by Mr B E Bosworth was officially appointed on 1 January 1997 and retired in 2014.   The school was run by the Deputy, Mr W Pietersen, for the most part of 2014 and the new Principal Mr W Boonzaier, was official appointed as from 1 January 2015.